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Why Facebook, Whatsapp not showing Images

By - July 3, 2019

Why Facebook, Whatsapp not showing Images. Facebook and Whatsapp image problem. Users are able to view pages but not images. Click here for possible fix.

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How To Download Software from Go FileHippo – Step by Step

By - June 6, 2019

FileHippo is a great website offers free software. You can download any software that is available on FileHippo in a couple of moments. Whether it is desktop or Android application, you will get official download link and every time. In case the developer has restricted direct download link, you will be redirected to official download page. The reason is that we say no to piracy. Just original software. So no room for Crack, Patch, Keygen, Serial Key here or any kind of piracy tricks.

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These Custom Taxonomies can Smash your WordPress Site

By - May 25, 2019

Wordpress supports custom taxnomies. You should never use taxonomies reserved by Wordpress. Using it can lead your WordPress showing index page or 404 page.

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WordPress – What is WordPress – A quick WordPress guide

By - May 20, 2019

Web Development has revolutionized since the birth of WordPress. It was initially developed to create simple websites but later on it made huge progress. Now WordPress has become a standard CMS so you can create any type of website with WordPress. A wide range of WordPress themes and Plugins are available on WordPress repository. Even a newbie can create a website without typing a single line of code. You can install multiple themes at once but able to use one theme at a time. However you can use many Plugins active at the same time. On the other hand custom theme development and plugin development in WordPress is quiet easy. In other words, You only need the basic knowledge of HTML, CSS and php. But you can use other languages like JavaScript, JQuery and AngularJS according to your requirements.

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utorrent: How to disable ads in utorrent

By - May 9, 2019

utorrent is a free BitTorrent Client. It offers great features for nothing as it just displays ads which are annoying for some users. It is very lightweight application which do not disturb routine tasks. But if you have an older machine then you probably thinking of removing these ads to speedup a bit. If you want to remove these ads then buy pro version of utorrent, they deserve it. Or if you are cheater then i am gonna tell you a simple steps to get rid off these ads.

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