Why Facebook, Whatsapp not showing Images

By - July 3, 2019

Why Facebook, Whatsapp not showing Images

Facebook is not loading images at the time. Facebook users are able to view pages and posts but most images are not showing. Many countries are affected by this issue. Users are continuously reporting the issue while Facebook developers are fixing it.

Why Facebook, Whatsapp not showing Images?

The most popular messenger Whatsapp also facing the same problem.  You can send the photos and other media files but the other user is not able to view them.

Solution for Why Facebook, Whatsapp not showing Images?

Well we have checked many things but they didn’t worked for us. But advanced users can give a try. Please test the following things

  • Use Proxy
  • Clear Cache
  • Direct open image in new tab
  • Us a Download Manager Online/Offline
  • Try changing DNS

Normal users can wait to get the problem fixed by the developers. Actually it is a bug in server configuration. Facebook developers are still working on it to find the problem. You will be notified whenever it is done. Right Now Whatsapp is not downloading the images. Facebook is showing white blank space instead of image.

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